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iOS and Android mobile application development

We support you in all project steps, from conceiving to deployment

Mobile applications

User-centric UX/UI design for your apps

We take ownership of the success of your digital product, thanks to our Agile way of co-cration. We take pride in hacing successfully created several tens of greatly looking and perfoming user-centric apps for our customers’ users, in all industries and for all company sizes.

user experience friendly Aucun compromis sur l’expérience utilisateur
Développement d’applications mobiles natives

Native and cross-platform development

Amazing mobile apps

We perfectly master designing and building amazing mobile apps both native and cross-platform for all display sizes. Based on your project constraints and backlog of features, we make a recommendation of the most suitable technology for your project without compromise on the user experience..

Mobile app lifecycle

Our team works hands-in-hand with you throughout all stages of your digital transformation project. In order to achieve success of your mobile application, you need to think of your app as a software product, whose development follows a lifecycle. For the products with a potentially broad audience, it is strongly recommended to beta-test the prototypes with a large panel of users as the project moves close to the final release. In particular, once the application is completed, it is essential to conduct a beta-test phase to test the application by a panel of several tens of users, collect their feedback, take the outcomes into account and make all necessary changes before submitting the application on the stores. This product development vision is at the heart of how we do things at Mobelite.

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