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Responsive design/ Mobile first for mobility

We create websites suitable for all media: computer, tablet, mobile and all problems. Designing an efficient and modern website requires strategic thinking or auditing in the event of a website's redesign.

Mobile first au service de la mobilité Mobile first au service de la mobilité
les avantages des progressives web apps


Progressive web app

PWAs are applications that do not download from a store but via a browser, they allow a fluidity of use incomparable compared to a conventional mobile application. Progressive web apps offer all the advantages of a native mobile app and website without the drawbacks.

Progressive web apps allow you to:

  • Making mobile experience faster, more reliable, more engaging

  • Offering simplified access to the app (including with a bad connection)

  • Improve performance (time loading pages, speed of navigation ...)

  • To retain mobile site users


Accelerated mobile page

AMPs are specific page formats designed to speed up the display of web page content on mobile devices. The AMP format allows you to create pages that load quickly and thus generate more traffic.

The benefits of AMPs are:

  • Improved user experience (loading time accelerated on mobile)

  • Reducing the drop-out rate of your Internet users

  • Better website SEO on mobile platforms

Les avantages des AMP

The Agile process

At the heart of our development

Our working method is based on the Agile approach, both at the design and the development phases. The agile approach is at the heart of our workflow, putting together developers, designers, product owners and scrum masters. In order to achieve user-centric digital products, we think and build in an Agile way ir order to define the best user journey.

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    Receipt of specifications
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    Design of the solution
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    Developement of the solution
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    New spec Resume iteration
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    Yes / No
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