Mobelite 10th anniversary


This year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Mobelite. We held our second event in Paris a fw days ago, after gathering at the first one in Tunisia a few weeks before. We had the immense pleasure to meet with our 150+ employees, shareholders and friends. I would like to say loads of thank yous to everyone who attended the events.

This was the first marking milestone anniversary celebration at Mobelite , and I wanted here to celebrate our journey of 10 years by rolling a flashback and expressing our gratitude to those who have been instrumental to its success.

Mobelite started in 2012 by three entrepreneurs Tarek Mhenni, Yassin Besbes and Mohamed LETAIEF, who strongly believed in building a modern tech company to address the challenges of digital strategies.

The company growth and strategy went through a few cycles of expanding know-how and growing teams.

2012 - 2016 : the start of the journey

Right from the beginning, we had the trust of Elsevier to help the company build and extend its mobile app footprint.

We started building the team as an agile organization, and, in order to bring the right standards to the mix, we certified our first 5 Product Owners and Scrum masters as early as mid-2013. The next step was to invest in quality by building the team and defining the standards and technology stack to build high-quality digital products.

A few years afterwards, we were blessed with the trust of DxO and Eiffage who relied on us to build some of their forefront digital products.
Devoir choisir entre ces deux approches est souvent à l’origine d’une frustration pour les acheteurs B2B qui regrettent que leurs attentes soient incomprises. Pour devenir leader du marché, une troisième voie est possible : une stratégie de vente profondément humaine et qui exploite tout le potentiel des nouvelles technologies.

Les vendeurs B2B qui sont déjà leaders sur leur marché n’ont aucune difficulté à soutenir efficacement leur service client avec des outils digitaux. En revanche, côté challengers, on constate un décalage organisationnel. Dans près de 70 % des cas, le principal obstacle à l’implémentation des outils souhaités est « la résistance au changement de la part de la direction. »

2016 - 2021 : become a technology partner of our customers

Another important milestone was accomplished at the beginning 2016 when Elsevier, promoted us as a global technology partner. This brought a new approach to our relationship and a whole new level of digital products to design, deploy and go-to-market. Thanks to the effective collaboration of the technology teams on both sides, we started now a tremendous effort to align our process, tools and documentation to a world-class level.

2021 and on : building large distributed agile teams in SAFe environments

Mid-2021, the company is now counting as many as 120 employees and starting a new collaboration with a leading banking software publisher, setting up large product and development squads in our premises. This new technology partnership propelled our processes towards SAFe organizations and quality teams in the test automation and end-to-end testing approaches.

This growth period is giving us the right momentum to pave the future of the company by working on two importants levers: Employer branding by obtaining the Great Place To Work® certification and a bronze sustainability rating by EcoVadis, and Global standards by preparing ISO 270001 certification through operating a major uplift of our Information Technology, security and business continuity operation standards.

What's next ?

Mobelite, we are only just getting started. Many milestones lying ahead are to be reached and exceeded. We plan on building more structured teams and bringing value to new largescale customers by designing and securing successful digital transformations. We are thriving to build a strong employer brand standing for a strong technology and product driving company and bringing positive impact to its employees and social partners.

Come and join the fantastic journey !